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Innovative, world class, and solutions-driven service. Our telecommunications company brings together voice, data and Internet. Whether you are a start-up, small business owner or a large enterprise consumer you will enjoy fast, clear and reliable connectivity. 

What we offer

ML Communications offers Next Generation carrier-grade voice. From the largest corporations with thousands of phones down to a single user, and everything in between, we undertake our business with care. Our converged service infrastructure means you get the same service levels and support across all services, including Voice. Optional Free Call Zone

Next Generation carrier class voice service is leading the switch to IP, offering seamless migration from conventional voice to SIP – uniquely in South Africa – and Geographic Number Portability from other networks. It offers sustained savings on all call charges within South Africa and is integrated with the largest global voice carrier network internationally.


Hosted PABX

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Hosted GloCell Telephone System


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Fibre/Microwave Data

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their business needs are met.

With successful roll-out of fibre/microwave data, dedicated data, voice, PABX, VPN and satellite solutions, we analyse frequent problems and suggest improvements.