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At ML Communications, we offer both hosted and on-premise solutions. When you choose the hosted deployment option, you are relieved of the burden of purchasing and maintaining the hardware. Companies that opt for the on-premise solution have the complete control over all their servers and data. 

Given these points you should always consider cost vs control and data. We can always provide with the right solution for your business. 

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We combine deep industry experience and customized solutions that are reflecting in the two system options we offer. Hosted LTSA PBX and hosted GloCell telephone system.  Make better decisions with us.


Our consultants with over 20 years of field experience will not only help you to make the right choice but will provide you with deep industry knowledge that will lead to excellent results.

Why PBX-ware

Discover what makes PBX-ware No1 telephony platform

Helping you to overcome challenges & grasp opportunities.

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PBX-ware integrates seamlessly with TELCOware, a fully featured telecom customer portal, capable of integrating with one or many PBX-ware telephony switches.

Application Programming Interface

Connect your applications to PBX-ware with the PBX-ware’s simple, powerful, and secure application programming interface ( API). You can access 

Delivery Method

Flexible delivery methods are what makes PBX-ware so popular on the market. To meet the needs of our customers we developed three different delivery methods: