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UCaaS /Unified Communications as a service/

White Label PBXware platform

White label means you receive industry-grade technology and fully branded telecom platform with all the features you want for the Autonomous Hybrid Workplace.


On desktop & mobile

gloCOM is a Unified Communications application available on Microsoft Windows, MAC OS and Ubuntu Linux designed to provide business users
with a set of features and benefits capable of transforming a companies
communications system into a real powerhouse.
While on the move – take your office with you and seamlessly transfer from desktop to your mobile device by using gloCOM GO our mobile application available on Google Android and Apple iOS.


Increase your revenue

PBXware integrates seamlessly with TELCOware, a fully featured telecom customer portal, capable
of integrating with one or many PBXware telephony switches.

Recurrent Invoices, Unlimited Billing Packages, Unlimited Service Plans, Custom Invoices, Outstanding
Balances, CDR Mediation, Customer Subscriptions… and more!


API & delivery method

Connect your applications to PBXware with the PBXware’s simple, powerful,
and secure application programming interface (API). You can access Extensions, Trunks, DIDs, Ring Groups, IVRs, and more via HTTP protocol.

Flexible delivery methods are what makes PBXware so popular on the
market. To meet the needs of our customers we developed three different
delivery methods: Installation media, Certified Appliances, SERVERware

Clear your doubts

gloCOM telephone system features and benefits

Feature-rich and seamless is just what we do.

A Multi-Tenant PBXware is able to handle multiple customers (tenants) with a single instance of the software. Even though every customer has a dedicated PBX, they all share the same asterisk instance. Using the single instance for all customers cuts down operating costs significantly.

Incorporate all the features and capabilities of PBXware telephony system inside your CRM or Browser. PBXware integrates with the most popular business apps, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Zoho, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Vtiger, Pipedrive and SuiteCRM.

PBXware’s voicemail system integrates with Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and IBM Watson (STT). Get text transcriptions of your voicemail messages sent to your email.

You can now the track date, time and activity of each user to improve time management and increase productivity. Knowing who accessed various files and made changes on the server can increase security and give you a better insight into how your business operates.

You can now the track date, time and activity of each user to improve time management and increase productivity. Knowing who accessed various files and made changes on the server can increase security and give you a greater insight into how your business operates.

Archiving storage feature can be used to keep your recordings, voicemails, and FAXes in a remote location. You can choose between three options for archiving storage: Amazon S3, Google Drive, FTP server, or Dropbox.

PBXware interface has integrated a call recordings player, allowing users to listen to PBXware call recordings directly from their browser and navigate through the recordings with a simple click of a mouse.

System administrators are able to create groups and users’ permissions in order to delegate the administration of PBXware. Users are grouped by Administrator, Site Admin, Operator, Manager, and Other Custom Groups. In addition to limiting the scope of changes that can be made by different Groups, System administrators can transfer management responsibility to individual Tenant owners.

Online Self Care portal allows the end user to modify their extensions settings according to assigned permissions. Users can edit Enhanced Services settings, set up voicemail behaviour, check CDRs, download call recordings etc.

PBXware is compatible with most IP Phones on the market. Use the same extension on multiple devices. Save time for both your IT personnel and your users by using features such as automated provisioning, busy lamp field (BLF), hot desking, and more.