Broadband Fibre

Superior fibre network

Superior speed and low latencies

Our fibre network delivers superior speeds and low latencies, that remain unaffected by copper theft, which all too frequently leaves businesses stranded without connectivity or the ability to trade, which severely impact your productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

Broadband Fibre is available all throughout South Africa. All services are coverage dependent and therefor not limited to stated areas only as our network continues to grow. 

Broadband fibre as a value-based internet access service

“Best-Effort” Service delivered over robust fibre infrastructure. Broadband offers low latency, symmetrical bandwidth along next-generation network backbone.


Symmetrical fibre means that your upload and download speeds are equally fast. Most available broadband services are asymmetrical, which results in slower upload speeds. With our fibre solution, you can rest assured that important urgent documents will be delivered with great efficiency. 

Single Point of Contact

We offer end-to-end customer support services, so you only deal with single contact as your service provider.

Contention Ratio

When it comes to the internet and network connections contention is widely disregarded. This is mainly due to the focus on maximum speed and not on continuous throughput in which we offer a low-contention internet connection.


Get a fiber optic router

Upgrade at any time

All new broadband customers will be provided with router to access the Liquid network. However, over time bandwidth demands increase and the same router might become incapable of managing increased bandwidth upgrades. Router upgrade is subject to: 


R 18000 /mo


R 14000 /mo

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