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Trademark Validation

Register and validate your trademark(s) in the TMCH ( TradeMark ClearingHouse). To do so you should already have a valid trademark from any jurisdiction in the world. In addition a copy of the trademark, and evidence that the trademark is being actively used, is required for the process. 

Once submitted clearinghouse will assess your application for accuracy, validity and all requirements. Once validated, the application is used to apply for domain names in new gTLD Sunrise Phases, well before the general public can attempt to participate. 

As part of this service are the alerts that the TMCH sends to validated trademark holders if other parties are registering their marks, representing possible infringement registrations.  

What we can do for you?

Managed-submission – let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

Pre-validation – we review your application and make sure the rules and requirements are complex and our suggestions will help you to avoid unforeseen errors.

Update – tracking application statuses and send you notifications when trademarks are validated. 

Sunrise Launch – we connect the domain name to your validated trademark.

Sunrise Launch Date Notifications – will notify you of and organize your launch schedules.

Trademark Claim Notifications – alert notifications by email of potential infringements. 

Reports – up-to-date report of your domain name portfolio linked to your trademark. 

Mark Defensive Registration

Prevent others from getting domains with your trademark name(s)

Service that will put your trademark into the DPML (Domains Protected Marks List). This product is related to Donuts Inc.(the largest registry operator for new gTLDs) domain names. They manage over 238 new TLDs currently. 

Protection against cybersquatting. Brand owners can add their trademark-related terms into the DPML and have them blocked from registration at the second level in all Donuts – top-level domains.

Example of DPML eligible terms: FNB – myFNB; Pick&Pay – Pick&Pay online; Investec – Investec bank; ABSA – ABSA card; Standard Bank – Standard Bank login, etc. 

Why DPML with us?
Cost & Process

Trademark defence at the best prices

Each subscription applies across all TLDs operated by Donuts and cannot be applied to a subset. The earlier a DPML subscription is purchased, the more useful it is. DPML subscription doesn’t block registrations made prior that subscription, therefore is recommended to utilize DPML before the launch of the Donuts TLD.


Use our Trademark Validation service to register your mark. 


Choose DPML Basic (5 years) or DPML Plus (10 years) service for your term’s string


Once is accepted, that term is blocked from registration for all Donut TLDs